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Home Farmer Volumes 1 & 2 $13.50 each

These volume present the stories of ordinary Australians showing how they turned suburban blocks into gardens of Eden and how they took the rural exit off the ratrace freeway. Each book 80 pages, B&W.


Back Yard Farmer Volume Three


Here is a real world of organic food gardening, home grown coffee, making your own delicious preserves, bottling the harvest and living sustainably. You don’t need 20 acres and a bulldozer. Back Yard Farmer is of ideas, advice and inspiration from real people living happy, sustainable lifestyles. Learn how to make your lifestyle greener and more fulfilling. All from the comfort of your own back yard. 80 pages full colour.



Edited by Fiona Tunnicliff


Many of you have been asking us when the next volume in this series will be out – well we’ve done it! This is the fourth volume of the hugely popular Home Farmer series of sustainable living books, now called Back Yard Farmer. This book is densely packed with tales from Australians who are establishing Green, healthy and satisfying lifestyles. You don’t have to live in the country to enjoy the pleasures of homegrown produce, a flourishing garden, or the delights of keeping chooks. This volume contains loads of information on backyard bee keeping, vineyards, water tanks, food forests, the trusty chook and more! Get some more ideas, trials and practical advice from Australians who live the good life. Full colour, 80 pages.


Back Yard Farmer

Volume Five


This is the fifth volume of our sustainable living book series called ‘Back Yard Farmer’. We’ve hand picked the best stories we can find on everything from raising goats to making your own superscrumptious apple cider. Feast on practical tips and tricks from real life back yard farmers, make your own organic fertiliser, fetta cheese, red wine, winter rodent trap and poultry rescue remedy. Be inspired by chook tractors, roadside stalls, a termite mound pizza oven and a community beehive. Get some more ideas, trial and practical advice from Australians who live the good life. Full colour, 80 pages.


Back Yard Farmer Volume Six $19.95

Here is the sixth volume of our hugely popular Back Yard Farmer series of sustainable living books. This book is densely packed with tales from Australians who are establishing green, healthy and satisfying lifestyles. You don’t have to live in the country to enjoy the pleasures of homegrown produce and a flourishing garden. Full colour, 80 pages.  


Back Yard Farmer volume Seven Edited by Fiona Tunnicliff $19.95

What could be more satisfying than growing your own organic food right on your doorstep? Need some inspiration and some practical know-how? Here it is: volume seven of this hugely successful regular series of books. Real life stories from real life people digging in and enjoying a very good life. Everything from free-ranging your chooks and milking your cows to growing vegies from seed to DIY hydroponics. Back Yard Farmer is all about unearthing old skills and developing new ones to help make the very best of whatever space you have. Backyard farmers everywhere are enjoying the fruits of their labours and now they share their bountiful harvests with you. 80 pages full colour.   



Edited by Fiona Tunnicliff $19.95

We need our back yards and our back yards need us. We are turning our inner-city balconies and little patches of dirt into productive food-producing havens. Places where we can dig in and grow our own tomatoes or sow some parsley seed in a few pots or whip up a stunning cake from freshly laid eggs or lie back in the banana lounge with a great book – like this one! It’s a busy time for back yard farmers everywhere and this book will let you see what others are up to in their gardens and kitchens. Inspiration and ideas are bursting from these pages, so get stuck in and join the ranks of back yard farmers who are making, growing, cooking and keeping their way to back yard happiness. 80 pages, full colour on environmentally-friendly bamboo paper.  


Back yard Farmer 9 Earth Garden $19.95

You’ll be amazed at what these back yard farmers are growing in their large and small, city, country and suburban backyards. From coffee beans in inner Sydney to macadamia nuts in Melbourne, there’s also stories and advice on growing and using olives, bananas, broccoli, making jam and raising healthy, happy children plus wicking beds, rain gardens, Silkie chickens, edible fungi and plenty more. 80 pages, full colour. paperback.    


Back Yard Farmer 10 Earth Garden $19.95

Make your own raised garden beds. Grow the best cauliflowers ever. Cook delicious, spicy Kasundi relish and Keep happy, healthy chooks – even in the city! Featuring inspiring artisan food producers and packed full of sound know-how, tips and advice, written by everyday people living extraordinary backyard lives this book will help you find your inner ‘farmer’. 80 pages, full colour, paperback.  


Back Yard Farmer #11 Earth Garden $19.95


  • There are so many wonderful, inspiring stories, ‘how to do’s’, advice and recipes here – each page is brimming with stunning photographs and information. From exotic fruits and humble artichokes to making marmalade, mobile garden beds, a solar food dryer and mini greenhouse. Attract more wildlife to your back yard with colourful flowers, nest boxes, and brick homes for bugs. Plus lots more, all told by passionate, and enthusiastic back yard farmers and artisan producers from all over Australia and from all walks of life. Another must have book from ‘Earth Garden’. 80 pages, full colour paperback.


  Back Yard Farmer #12 Earth Garden $19.95

Back Yard Farmers grow their own ingredients, beautiful sweet carrots from healthy soil, freshly laid hens' eggs and maybe even some handpicked walnuts or home 

harvested honey. Why settle for supermarket woes when a rich world of making, cooking, keeping and growing is within your reach? This book will give you plenty of bang for 

your backyard farming buck!


  • Back Yard Ovens $19.95 The most comprehensive Australian back yard oven-building book yet, takes a look at over 25 ovens. If you have ever imagined a backyard oven at your place, or if you want to know how to use one, this full colour book is the inspiration for you. 80 pages.


  •  Bamboo Rediscovered Victor Cusack $19.95 This is an Australian-published, international bestseller on growing non-invasive bamboo species. Learn how to choose and grow beautiful clumping bamboos in climates from cool temperate to tropical. This excellent-value guide will show you how to grow bamboo, how to harvest shoots for the kitchen, make furniture, pan flutes, or even build a home. More than 130 illustrations are packed into this timely guide about the world’s most versatile plant. 96 pages.  


  • Chook Wisdom $19.95  This practical book is written by Australian chook keepers, and it’s crammed with superb colour photos of the most popular breeds. Whether you already have chooks, or you’re thinking of keeping them — for the eggs, for meat, as ‘gardeners’, or simply for the sheer delight of having them as pets and part of your backyard landscape. 80 pages full colour.  
  •  City Permaculture Volume Two Earth Garden $19.95There are amazing things going on in our cities and towns where people are taking steps to create and share more localised food sources as well as building stronger communities and in the process, becoming more self reliant. Every page of this practical book is jam packed with great ideas, gorgeous colour photography and permaculture inspired productive and healthy food production that’s easy to do. Lots of detailed advice, ideas and descriptions on how people from all walks of life are incorporating sustainable living practices into small spaces. City bees, goats and chooks feature alongside vertical urban gardens, food forests, and the best compost plus much much more. 96 pages, full colour, paperback.   


  • City Permaculture Volume ThreeIf you live in the city, anywhere, now is the time to embrace urban food growing and sustainable living.Courtyard gardens,  raised beds, permablitz, chookproof permaculture, green roof gardens.
                        vegies on the verge                    Courtyard + seedling = food
  •                     chookproof permaculture
  • Includes:     no-dig raised beds
  • Foreword by Rosemary Morrow.
  • Volume Three of City Permaculture builds on this inner city wisdom and presents real life examples of enterprising urbanites having the best of both worlds.
  • 80P. Published in Australia by Earth Garden.


The Earth Garden Water Book $19.95

  • Learn how to slash your water bill while helping the environment. Topics include how to store and purify rainwater, reusing greywater and choosing a composting toilet. From now on, saving water is easy and rewarding. 128 pages.


  • Earth Gardener’s Companion Third Edition Jackie French $19.95  Jackie needs no introduction as Australia’s favourite organic gardener, and her hard-to-find book has now been fully updated and revised. It’s a month-by-month guide to what you can do in any organic garden: planting, harvesting, weed control, pest control recipes and more. For any month of the year you’ll never be stumped for garden action again. B&W, 80 pages.  


Even More Chook Wisdom Earth Garden Books $19.95

  • Let ‘Even More Chook Wisdom’ show you how to step into the charming world of back yard chook keeping. This volume, the third in a major series from ‘Earth Garden’ brings the old-time secrets of Australian chook keepers to your bookshelf, your backyard and your kitchen table. Learn how to make your own chook pen, breed your own chooks, help them thrive, integrate them into your garden routines and entertain you – all while they give you a regular supply of organic food. ‘Even More Chook Wisdom’ is a rare gem – for less than the price of three-dozen free-range eggs, you can be starting on your own chook wrangling journey. 80 pages, full colour paperback.


  • Getting Started In the Country Stephanie Chambers $16.40 inc GST
  • There are 45 topics here, including keeping chooks, fencing, dams, bores, finding land, renewable energy, fruit trees and vegies. If you want to taste the country life but aren’t sure how to begin, this book will help you make decisions and – best of all – it’ll help you enjoy your daydreams! 80 pages.


Good Life Bread Book Earth Garden $19.95

  • Learn how to make your own sourdough, bake damper in a camp oven, superb fruit loaves, German rye bread, perfect pizza dough and much more. With food for thought and delicious breads to inspire your culinary skills, now’s the time to start living the good life. Superb colour photos enhance this large format paperback. 80 pages.  






  • Green House Plans $19.95 Australia’s leading eco-friendly architects and designers present real-life examples of their Green house plans. You can study the plans or contact the authors for more detailed help to build your own stylish, affordable home. 80 pages.





  • The Healthy Soil Handbook $19.95 This book will show you how organic gardeners are feeding their families and more. Fertile compost, nitrogen-rich soil, earthworms galore, mulching for waterwise gardening — all producing healthy vegetables, fruits and herbs. 80 pages full colour.





  • The House that Jackie Built Jackie French $16.95 A practical and personal guide to how Jackie built her own stone home. A manual for anyone interested in stone paving, floors, paths, ponds, or even an entire stone house. From the foundations through to walls, mortar, and garden projects, this book is the Australian guide to using stone for the home or garden. 80 pages.  





  • The Mud Brick Adventure Andrew Bianco $19.95  The author shows in clear, detailed photographs EXACTLY how to clear the house site, read the plan, place the reo mesh, apply the render, and deal with tradespeople and how he did all these jobs to build his stylish mudbrick home near Melbourne. The book includes a fold-out copy of Andrew’s house plan with many references. 48 pages.  





  • Natural Home Builder Volume One $19.95 Strawbale, mudbrick, stone, timber, solar hot water, natural paints, solar power, waste recycling, passive solar design, composting toilets, Green architecture, and much more. Now you can see in colourful detail how real Australians build or sub-contract their real, natural, dream home. 80 pages.   



  • Natural Home Builder Volume Two $19.95 In an era when climate change means we want to live in natural, low-energy homes this book gives home builders a chance to tell — in their own words — how they designed or built a modern, attractive, natural home. Strawbale, mudbrick, stone, timber and much more are featured. 80 pages full colour.  




  • Natural Home Builder Volume Three $19.95 This book presents real life stories from home owners and builders having a go — all in their own words. In the solar century you can use the best of traditional materials and knowledge combined with the best of modern energy efficiency and passive solar design principles to minimise energy use in your own household. Now is the time to embrace the Green building revolution. 80 pages full colour.  


  • Natural Home Builder Volume Four $19.95 Whether you’re planning to build something important like a new chook house, or something simple like your dream home, ‘Natural Home Builder’ can help with a little inspiration, encouragement and some fresh, wholesome ideas. Learn how other people are taking the steps to create inspired, exciting and attractive homes that reflect their individual tastes, and their commitments to treading more lightly on the earth. Full colour, 80 pages.   




  • Natural Home 5 Earth Garden $19.95 Whether you’re in the middle of our biggest cities, or high on a hill in the scrub ‘Natural Home 5’ will motivate, educate and encourage you along the road to creating your own sustainable homes and place. From strawbale to mudbrick, stone and recycled timber — it’s all here to show you why you should hire the builder, hire the architect, or do it all yourself. 80 pages, full colour, paperback.  


  • WOOD OVEN RECIPES  Edited by Alan Gray  $19.95  Learn how to cook not just pizzas and roasts but a whole range of perfect entrées, main courses, desserts, pastries and breads in the first book totally devoted to Wood Oven Recipes your pizza party, weekend baking session or whole fish roast-up goes perfectly. Every recipe is accompanied by a ‘hot tip’ specific to wood oven cooking and each dish has been oven-tested, and retested by our expert contributors. There’s nothing quite like the sight of a perfectly-cooked pizza or roast emerging from the wood oven, and there’s nothing to match the wood- fired flavour of these delicious dishes. Now you don’t need to go camping to enjoy the delights of wood-fired cooking in your own back yard. Move over barbecue: you won’t find another book to teach you these comprehensive wood-oven recipes and secrets. 80 pages, full colour