Feedback from my customers - seems like most people are now too busy to send feedback emails -


hi Bronwyn,

Thank you, the book arrived yesterday, which was really quick. I am very satisfied and grateful for ordering it through you, as I needed it in a hurry. Expert packaging and extremely reasonable costs. So just to say I’m very happy, and thank you once again.  
kind regards,
Graham 7/1/21
Thank you for your care with packaging and for the quick service. 
Regards Robyn 12/2020


Feedback from satisfied customers.

Dear Bookseller,

I want to thank you very much for the book by John Glatt Internet
Slave Master which I received in like new condition.  I am so grateful
that it arrived finally and thankful to your fine bookstore for
offering such quality items.  I have ordered it through Abe Books
since early 2020 and I'd wait and then be told "book is unavailable"
and then I'd order another one and same thing.  So I am most thankful
that your bookstore received the order and sent it through Australia
Post which is most excellent and offered me follow up when book neared
delivery date.

Thank you also for the beautiful bookmark showing what I imagine is
the boulevard lined with unusual trees in Newstead perhaps.

God Bless you all, thank you and please keep safe and very well.

Hadassah (july 2020)

Hello Bronwyn
The book arrived yesterday.
Several years ago I 'loaned' my copy of this book to someone who didn't return it. I was pleased to find a copy at your place and its probably in better condition than my old copy. When the book arrived yesterday it was snatched away to be read by my daughter who is currently living with us (can't travel home overseas because of COVID ...) Anyway I'll get a chance to re-read soon I hope.
Thanks for you help and best regards
Chris (June2020)
Good Morning Bronwyn,
Can I just say Thank you!!! The book is in brilliant condition. I've only recently discovered the Granada/ITV Sherlock Holmes television series and this book is the perfect companion for the first 2 series. 
Kindest Regards, Amy (June 2020)

Hello Bronwyn

Blinky Bill arrived this morning!

It is for my daughter who is three and a bit.

You wrapped it nice and secure and Oz Post delivered quickly and safely.

Thanks for everything!

Richard (May2020)

Thanks, Bronwyn. I also want to note how much I appreciate your honesty and integrity in refunding $3 on postage. Given the present state of the human population, I really wasn't expecting that, and as a gesture, it means a lot.
Now if only these books could build my little sanctuary , but hopefully a step in the right direction...
Thanks again Nichola (Feb2020)
Hi Bronwyn,
The book I ordered arrived in the post this morning - very well packaged and book in great condition - very much appreciate your prompt service. Regards Graham 2/2020
WOW BRONWYN thank you for this wonderful book! Outstanding value for money! 
Great customer service, prompt answer to my questions - even in the busy holiday period. Book arrived promptly in three working days to regional SA! (Express post)and it was packed with love and care. Thrilled with item. Can’t wait to sit down with it. As new condition (exceeded expectations) even though a 30 year old book. Will take official pride of place in my reading nook! 
As a first time customer I will definitely be back to Dromanabooks. (January 7, 2019).
I’m very happy, thank you,
Compliments of the Season,

Hello, Received the package yesterday. Book is looking really good; in excellent condition as advertised. Thank you very much! Dianne (Dec 22, 2016)

Dear Bronwyn, Just writing to let you know that the two books I purchased from you have arrived safe and sound, and I am very happy with both. Wishing you all the very best for Christmas and New Year, Thomas. (Dec 15th, 2016)

Dear Bronwyn Just to let you know that my book arrived safely yesterday. It is a lovely copy in excellent condition. Thank you very much for your prompt & friendly service. Best wishes Susan  October 13th 2015.

Thank you, I received my book yesterday 19th. I was very surprised at the quick delivery and the good condition of my book. Thank you once again. Regards Denise. August 20th

Thank you so much Bronwyn. I received the book today. It's PERFECT. Lynette August 13th.

The book arrived safe and sound on Friday. Very impressed with extremely quick delivery, and very happy with the level of service received. Celeste June 22, 2015.

Thanks so much, Bronwyn. It arrived Wednesday, so very fast! I read it that night and have now passed it on to someone else in my book group. Will definitely check if you have books I'm looking for in the future, very impressed. Cheers, Sharon 23.4.15

Hey Bronwyn Thanks so much for your prompt and easy service. Paige 11.4.15

Thank you Bronwyn. My parents saw Philip Beadle's  work and loved it. Am buying this for my Mum for Mothers Day. Really appreciate this. Suzanne April 11th, 2015

Thanks for sending so quickly. Kelly 10.4.15

Thanks great service. Lynley 7.4.15

Hey just wanted to say a HUGE THANK YOU my book arrived so fast & very well packed! thank you tons also for the shipping refund! you rock! Heather (USA) March 6, 2015

Thanks Bronwyn for email that said it was posted. I appreciate the personal touch. Such service is a rarity these days. Dave (WA) 6.1.15

Hi, Received it the very next day, great fast service. Unlike the 6 or so other things ordered last week  from a large Sydney store. Even in the global modern E-purchasing world slightly smaller and local shopping still wins. Kit 20.12.14

Sent this one express post just in time for a birthday: 

Hi Bronwyn, We had success! The parcel arrived yesterday and my wife is delighted with the book. Thank-you for your 

outstanding service, it has been a pleasure. I look forward to purchasing more of your books in the future. Best regards, Matt. 6.12.13

Hello Bronwyn
Thank you so much for your amazing customer service - my parcel arrived yesterday and was a delightful surprise when I returned home after work!
I had a copy of this book many years ago - a 'friend' borrowed the book and it went into the ether!
Sir Billy was a personal friend and mentor - his portrait (copy of painting by Sir William Darby) is on the wall in my study.  Thanks to you - 'his' book is now back on my shelf!
Again - congratulations on the impeccable service.
best wishes
R 11.10.13

Hi Dromana Books

My order "Desert Places" was safely delivered yon Monday and I was thrilled to receive it.

Thank you so much for having it in stock and I look forward to further dealing with you

Regards Robyn 9.10.13

Thank you Bronwyn the book arrived quickly and was in great condition. Si  6.10.13

Hello Bronwyn, 
I can report that the Hocknell Letters arrived today, safe and sound. 

I have had a copy of it for many years in my little library. I was looking for an amusing book to send to my brother who is down a bit at the moment as I thought it may cheer him up. I was quite surprised that I was able to locate a copy. 

It is certainly a very funny book. 

Kind Regards Bill  4.10.13

My book was delivered this morning.  Very happy with the condition,  Once again, thank you for your great service.

Jo 4.10.13

Hi Bronwyn The book has arrived! Thank you very much for such prompt service - Regards Peter 10.9.13

Hello Bronwyn,

Thank you very much for the information, it is very kind of you to let me kniow.

have a look at our website.

It is revealing a lot that is wrong in the book written by David Mearns.

Please pass it on to anyone who would be interested, we would appreciate any eedback.

Best wishes, Keith 20.8.13

Hi Bronwyn The book has arrived safely and I must say, I am delighted with its condition - I was expecting it to be very "second hand" and worn, but it looks almost brand new! Thanks for your excellent service and very reasonable prices. Kind regards Daniele 20.8.13Hi Bronwyn, A quick note to advise you that your book arrived safely today. Thank you so much for your very efficient service. Regards, Garry.25.3.13

Hi Bronwyn, received book today and I'm delighted with it! Thanks for a first class service! cheers,  Malcolm 15.3.13


Hi Bronwyn, Just to let you know that I received my book today. Many thanks for your prompt service. Fran 1.2.13

Dear Bronwyn, 

Thank you so much for this, it arrived in excellent condition this afternoon. 

I lost my first copy of this book back in 1983, and have been anxious to find another ever since. 

Thank you again for sending me this little tome of nostalgia! Evan 24.1.13

 Dear Bronwyn,

Thanks for this:  'twas in the post this morning!  I am grateful for your efficiency.  It is not Walling who interests me - 'tis Esme whose work as journalist and actor has been neglected and maybe, under-rated:  if only one can find 'the stuff'!  I have managed to shame a couple of specialists who knew nothing about her - so I will do it.  Eventually.  You may not do magazines (I don't, normally, either) but, if you do come across Australian Home Beautiful's of the early 'thirties containing pieces by Esme - let's know.  Regards, Ann 18.1.13

 Book arrived today, in excellent condition, very happy!
Thanks for the great service Elaine 22.11.12

Thank you for the notice. I wish it were easier for people in the U.S. to find/buy this book (Organic Growing with Worms).Regards Joshua 2.11.12

Hi Dromanabooks
I received the 'Pollyanna Grows Up' Book in the mail today. Just wanted to say I am very happy with it. Thank you for sending it so quickly and well packaged for protection in the mail. God Bless, Leisa 29.10.12

Hi Bronwyn,

I received my book today and am very happy! The book is exactly as you described and was very carefully packaged. Once again, I want to emphasize how pleased I was to find that you carried this book as it's now out of print. It's the third volume of a trilogy and a two-volume trilogy just doesn't seem right! :-)

Thank you for the wonderful service. I now know where to find those hard-to-find books.

Richard (Canada) 20.10.12

Thanks I got the book and gave to my daughter today for her birthday. She shared the book with my mum many times when she was a little girl and my mum passed away last month and we can not find the book. It was an original that her mum gave her (so it would of been 4 generations old) So thank you for having a copy as at least she felt like my mum was still apart of her birthday Kris 16.10.12

Thank you very much Bronwyn,

I've been after this book for some-time, so am delighted, and will be "a customer" from now-on.

I'm a Master -Level  Reiki teacher/healing facilitator and Crystal therapist, so am interested in these genres.

Please add me to your email list, if you have one? Thanks for the info, Namaste Karina 17.3.12

Gosh what wonderful service! Thank you very much. Alfred (NZ) 20.2.12

Hi Bronwyn, Thanks for listing that treasure. I have been after that book for 5 years now! I was so pleased to take that search out of my favouritesearches on ebay!!! Take care Will email when the book arrives and post feedback for you then Susi M 14.2.12

Thank you Bronwyn for your prompt service The book has arrived and I am delighted to  have it so quickly jane (UK) 17.1.12 

Dear Bronwyn

Many thanks.  The book has just arrived on my desk – very happy.I’ll keep you in mind if ever I am searching for an elusive book.

All the best for Christmas and 2012. Regards……… Vivian 4.12.11

Hi Bronwyn I have very promptly received the book. Thank you and well done Cheers Angela 30.11.11

Hi Bronwyn, 
Thankyou very much for your efficiency in sending the book , we received it today in good order.  Regards Mandy 28.11.11

G'day Bronwyn, Thanks for your message, the book arrived today in excellent condition. Also thanks for your prompt service, I'm about to leave you a +ve feedback. Cheers, Julian 27.10.11

Dear Bronwyn..................have just returned from a few days break and the book was waiting at the Post Office on our return. 

Thanks, Judy 12.10.11

It's just arrived-----I'm thrilled with it--and the service----Thankyou so much...........Dorothy. 3.10.11Thanks Bronwyn, It arrived today in excellent condition. Thank you for looking after it so well. I will look in when we are next in your area. Best wishes, Kathy 23.8.11

Dear Bronwyn, 

I have received my book. Arrived at my PO on Wednesday. Thank you for your prompt service. Will certainly keep you book marked. Margaret 19.8.11

Hi Browyn,
Just want to say a big Thank you. The books arrived today and are wonderful Thanks again Tammi 16.8.11

Hello Bronwyn

I received the book today - so very happy with your fast service ( and the $2 refund).  It is most appreciated. 

Regards Jennie 22.7.11

Hi Bronwyn 
                  Thanks so much the book arrived this morning,very happy with it, and thanks once again it has been a pleasure dearling with you and hopefully will do again in the future.  Regards Graham  C 12.7.11

Hi Bronwyn, Thank you for that, I've ordered it on behalf of a Lutheran pastor here, he thinks it is a wonderful book and has worn out his copy. Cheers David P.N.G 30.6.11

thankyou very much book arrived in excellent condition Michael 28.6.11

Dear Bronwyn, I received it first thing this morning which was a lovely surprise. I did not know about Dromana books and I will check frequently for titles. Thank you Rosey 28.6.11

Hi Bronywn,

Thanks so much for your quick service.  That book was impossible to find at a reasonable price here in the US.  I'm appreciative you had it and look forward to its arrival.  If there's a place online I can give your bookstore a positive review, let me know and I'll fill one out.  Again, thanks for your prompt and courteous service. 
Regards, Baetrice  9.6.11

Hi Bronwyn 

I received the book today and am just off to read it now. Thank you so much for such a prompt delivery and lovely book. 

Kindest regards Sandra 31.5.11

Thank you very much Bronwyn. Received Wednesday in excellent condition. All the very best. 
Kindest Regards  Noel. 6.5.11

Thank you so much,
It arrived two days ago, I'm thrilled to have a decent hardback copy And covered in plastic too! Sam 5.5.11

Hi Bronwyn Just to let you know the book arrived this morning. Thanks for such prompt service - appreciated. Cheers Peter 2.5.11

 Just this second received the book Bronwyn safe and sound.
Thank you for a fast easy friendly transaction,i look to further more in the future. Cheers for now. Dave 28.4.11
Dear Bronwyn, Fast work! The book arrived this morning. Thanks Geoffrey 18.4.11

Dear Bronwyn The book has arrived today, thank you for a fast delivery.Kind regards Stanislav 18.4.11

Dear Bronwyn, 
Wow for snail mail!!  Australian Pioneer Women arrived safe and sound today. Thank you Mary Charles 15.4.11

Hi Bronwyn, Thanks, received the book today and very happy with same. Regards, Garry.11.4.11 Thanks, Bronwyn!
I've been a lifelong fan of Hesba Brinsmead's work since I was first moved by 'Pastures Of The Blue Crane' as a child in primary school.
Having later lived in the north coast regions (and living now in the mid-coast region) the scenes evoked have a particular poignancy.
I look forward to filling in the gaps in her personal history.
Cheers Mark 11.4.11

Thanks so much for the book - received in good order. Kind regards. Kylie 28.3.11

Dear Bronwyn

Just to let you know, the Sushi Cookbook arrived on the 24th March, thanks for the prompt service. Anne NZ 25.3.11

Dear Dromanabooks, 

A big 'thank you' for your excellent service - I did indeed receive the books soon after placing the order on 21/2. 

Kind regards, Stavroula 24.2.11

Many thanks indeed.  My Mum is in a Nursing Home and enjoys her books - not able to do much more at 89 years!  So THANK YOU for posting these so promptly! Anne 23.2.11

 dear Bronwyn, Thank-you, i received my book. It'sbeautiful, I love it. Thanks again. Julie 28.1.11

Just to let you know that the booklet on Gum leaf painting that I ordered from you arrived safely on saturday. Thank you for the speedy dispatch regards david uk 19.1.11Thank you for the prompt service and attention. Received on Friday morning. rgs Tom 10.1.11

Hi Thanks again for sending out the book to Ireland for me. Mary (USA) 14.12.10

Many thanks and glad to have found a copy "locally." Dromana and Seaford were favorite swimming beaches for me in the early 1950s. May have changed a bit since then! - Gayle 14.12.10Hi Bronwyn, Thanks for the quick postage, i am looking forward to reading this book as the last two i got off you on Tesla were great ! Kind Regards, Jake 13.12.10Many thanks for your great service Bronwyn. Best wishes. Pam 10.12.10

Hi Bronwyn,
Just a quick thank you for such fast shipping and a well packed item. Thanks! Cheers, Ailsa 1.12.10

hank you very much, this is for a present for my mother she has the book but it is worse for wear after hours of use and she said she could not get one so she will be pleased with this as it is her crossword bible ! Thanks for your efficient email and order processing. Kind Regards, Jonathan (UK) 22.11.10

I can't believe it, just went to our mail box and the book was there.  Only took a day. 
Thankyou, Shirley 20.10.10

Thanks, it arrived yesterday. A present for my father in Mt.Martha. regards Craig 20.10.10

Bronwyn It arrived today. Amazing service! Thanks. Bruce 20.10.10

Thanks Bronwyn, really enjoy your selection of books. Look forward to buying more in the future. Luke 11.10.10

 Dear Bronwyn, I have just been to my post box and found your book has already arrived!

Thank you for your prompt service. Regards, Geoff. 5.10.10

The book arrived safely today. Thank you very much. Regards, David (UK)24.8.10
Thank you - the book arrived yesterday all in good order. Thanks too for the post card which brought happy memories of childhood holidays and the time I tried to run down Arthurs Seat and ruined a perfectly good pair of new shoes just before I fell flat on my face. Funnily enough, my parents were not best pleased about either outcome! Lenis On 18/07/2010Hi Bronwyn The book has arrived and in excellent condition - thank you very much Jim 26.6.10Hi Bronwyn, I received the book today. Thank you very much for your communication and fast postage. Much appreciated. Kind regards,Julie 16.6.10

Dear Bronwyn,"Next of Kin" arrived this morning. Thank you for the speed and care with which you dispatched the order. Much appreciated. Regards, Jacob 8.6.10

Many thanks Bronwyn 
I have fond memories of Dromana in the summers of 1960-1975 
regards Marty 3.6.10

Hi Bronwyn 

Received CCD in top shape today Friday 29 May Thanks to Domana Books and yourself. Patrick N Z 29.5.10

Bronwyn - excellent service! Your post card and name and address sticker were noted and much appreciated. I have you bookmarked now! Kind regards, Alastair 17.5.10

Dear dromanabooks,

Hi , received book today,thanks for prompt delivery, book in excellent condition. thanks again. 14.5.10

My crossword books arrived at my door at 9am this morning in PERFECT condition due to your expert packaging, and individually wrapped too!  I didn't realise there was a place called Dromana, it looks as nice as Lemon Tree Passage! 

Thank you very much indeed for a hassle-free, friendly transaction.

Kindest regards, Trish

PS  You have lovely handwriting!! 7.5.10

Dear Bronwyn,The book has just arrived in excellent condition. Thank you very much, Rolf. 8.4.10

Thanks for the prompt service. Book arrive this morning. graham 17.3.10

Thanks, recieved it today, and it was in perfect order.... Di. 2.3.10

Book delivered this morning. Thank you for your excellent service. Greg 2.3.10

Many thanks Bronwyn, also for the postage refund! Can't wait to start reading, you've got some really interesting titles! Ann. 22.2.10Book received in good condition. Thanks.Helen 11.2.10Hi Bronwyn, Book arrived 10 minutes ago, in wonderful condition, thank you very much. John 10.2.10

hi just wanted to say a HUGE thankyou for getting my book to me in time...its wonderful and you are very kind. Really enjoyed doing business with you. 
Kindest Regards and havwe a wonderful xmas
Daniella 22.12.09

Hi Bronwyn

Just a note to let you know the book arrived today;  I am delighted with its contents, and also its excellent condition.  Thank you for your care in packaging. Best wishes for the holiday season.

Kind regards, Susan 19.12.09

I've received the package today. Everything is great. Thank you. All the best, Adam (Poland) 13.12.09

Hi Bronwyn received it  in the mail today, Thanks for the great service. regards sonia 3.12.09

Thanks very much.  The book has arrived in excellent condition. Kind regards Wendy 30.10.09

Dear Bromwyn, received book in good condition today.  Thank you very much. Kwok. 19.10.09

Hello, Bronwyn.... My order arrived in this morning's post, in good order. Thank you for your very prompt service! Peter 15.9.09Many thanks. It arrived today. Very fast service by you AND Australia Post!Great work.Regards Robin 3.09.09Thanks very much to Dromanabooks for having a copy of the book. Regards Neil 6.8.09The book arrived safe and sound in yesterdays mail. Thanks for the great service!Thanks Graeme 5.8.09Dear Bronwyn, Many thanks for your prompt service. I just received the book now. Great work. Dromana looks like a nice place - I'd never heard of it before. Kind regards Anne 20.7.09Dear Bronwyn Just to let you know the book arrived a couple of days ago and I am very pleased with it. Best wishes John (UK) 12.6.09

Hi Bronwyn, 

Thanks for your email update -- I appreciate the great communication. And it's great to find an online *Victorian* bookstore to order from! Will keep you bookmarked and search for future titles with you too. Kind regards, 
Dean 21.5.09


Hallo Bronwyn, just to let you know that the book has arrived some time back and has given a lot of pleasure to a distant descendant of Queen Emma, here in Germany. Many thanks for the good service. Sincerely,Zenaida 12.4.09

Many thanks for the books which arrived today.  Thankyou for the care you took with the packaging of them.  They arrived in excellent order.  I look forward to absorbing their content. Thankyou Jill (Northern Territory) 2.4.09

Iam very pleased with the prompt delivery of this purchased book to my address, and also the undamaged and unmarked condition of this book, considering it is a second-hand item. Should I have any enquiries or desire purchases of other titles, I will not hesitate to contact your bookshop.Thank you once again, Colin 18.3.09

















Hi Bronwyn,

Just to let you know that the book arrived safe and sound Friday, thanks so much, it's in excellent condition, Cheers, Tracey 7.3.09

Hello Bronwyn, Thank you for letting me know. It is meant as a gift for a member of Queen Emma's extended family here in Germany. Hope you were not affected by the fires! I'm planning a trip to Australia later in the year and am really looking forward to it already.Sincerely, Zenaida 13.2.09

Dear Bronwyn

The book has arrived and is perfect. Thank you very much for your excellent and prompt customer service, so appreciated as I could not locate this book in NZ, and wanted it as a gift for my dear friend (who is constantly reordering it from the library!) She will be thrilled.

On a personal note, can I convey my sympathy and shock at the tragic results of the bushfires in your area. I do hope you are safe. Our prayers go out to you all during what must be a truly difficult time. Kindest regards  Helen (Nz) 12.2.09

Hello Bronwyn, 

I received the book yesterday, thank you. That was very quick. In my line of work when I have to do a lot of research, getting that information quickly is important. I'll be using your services again. Regards Mary 10.2.09

Thanks for the terrific service. i will be looking for more books later and will contact you.Chris 22.1.09
 Hi Bronwyn, 
I received it this morning. Super fast! Thanks for your excellent service. Kind regards Deanne 22.01.09

Hi Bronwyn 
I want to thank you for your prompt service and I am also very happy with the condition of my book. I  always like to buy from Aussie book-sellers, being an Aussie myself kind regards, Avelyn 21.1.09

Bronwyn Thank you for the excellent service from the Land Down Under. Reginald 16.1.09

















Hi Bronwyn - the MIshima arrived yesterday, nice wrapping - almost seemed like another present though I did of course pay for it. Hey it's great, I really like those early paperback Tuttles for some reason. Many thanks, Annie

 Thanks Bronwyn, received it today in the mail. Thanks for prompt service, Ilyhana 23.12.08

Bronwyn, very much appreciate your top drawer service. Hope to make further orders.  Enjoy your Christmas.    Andrew. 

Hi Bronwyn, Just recieved Carbothello the dragon. Thankyou so much for your promp service. The book is great, in great condition. It's my daughters favourite book. Regards Melita 22.12.08

Thank you so much Bronwyn.  I am most impressed by the effecient responses I have received - greatly appreciated indeed. I am sure I will be in touch with you again. Kind regards, Denise. 17.12.08

Received book today Thanks for great service John 12.12.08 Thanks, Book arrived safely Friday, and am enjoying reading it. Appreciate your prompt attention
Best wishes xx

Love and Light from Sue 12.12.08

I just found your website, it is very easy to use and looks exactly the type of book shop my husband likes - I can't wait to go home and show him. Cherie 21.11.08


Dear Bronwyn Just to let you know that the book arrived safely and I'm delighted with its condition and prompt dispatch. Kind regards, Terry 16.10.08Dear Bronwyn Thank you so much for such quick delivery,   the order was made on 5/10/08 !!.   The book, “ Kill all the Judges” by David Cross is in excellent condition.   I have been looking for this book for ages and am so pleased to have found it.   Thank you again.  Yolande  6/10/08.

















Many thanks for letting us know and for the prompt service. 
Barbara UK 3.10.08

Just to let you know the book arrived in perfect order thank you so much. Jackie (uk) 9.7.08

Hi, Bronwyn:Just to let you know, the book (Cradle of Incense) arrived safely this Monday morning. Thanks for your amazing efficiency in getting my order out! --Thomas 23.6.08Bronwyn,
Can't believe it, received it today on june 21st., you must have a magic effect on postal workers.

Tim (posted book to Texas, USA on June 18th, 2008)

Book arrived yesterday in perfect condition. Thanks very much. regards Anita (Netherlands) 7th June 2008


Thanks for your prompt service 
The book is great It arrived in the mail Friday 16th thanks  heaps Evan 16.5.08

Dear Bronwyn

You will be pleased to know that the book arrived safely and very promptly.  Many thanks for such an excellent service.  The world has shrunk! Best wishes John (UK) 10.4.08

Hi Bronwyn, Thank you so much for the book, I certainly didn't expect it the very day after I had ordered it! And thank you for the free delivery, I have put your website into my contacts list and I will make sure I always check your website before I purchase any more books for Uni. Much appreciated, Penny.12.3.08

Hi Dromana Books, I received the screwtape letters surprisingly very fast and I was grateful for your prompt response to my order. Thank you for your terrific service and I will keep my eyes on other offers you have on Yours sincerely Margie (USA)11.3.08

Thank you Bronwyn, I recieved the book Monday 3rd of March all safe and packaged beautifully, thank you for protecting from being bent it in it's postage.Regards Robyn 6.3.08

Hello Bronwyn. Just letting you know that the book arrived yesterday - in great condition. Thank you very much and hopefully it shouldn't be too long before payment is processed.Thank you for your help. Regards, Librarian. 4.3.08

Received book today.Thank you for your prompt & efficient service John 28.2.08

Hi - it turned up today. For some reason, booksellers in the UK only sell an abridged version of this book (~500 pp rather than ~800 pp), and my parents' treasured copy had fallen to pieces so it was great to be able to replace it. {Harringman's Complete Crossword Dictionary} Thanks for a great service! Regards Mark 18.12.07

Dear Bronwyn, I received the book this morning :0) Thank you very much. I was thrilled to find your company as I had looked on the web and the prices were outrageous! Pat from the Homeopathic Book Company in the UK gave me your details. I am a homeopath from the UK visiting Australia for Christmas and am writing a paper on the memory of water so this book is imperative. Once again, a million thanks and have a wonderful Christmas. Kind regards, Kim 13.12.07

Thank you so much Bronwyn. It never ceases to amaze me that most of the books that interest me, and that I seek, are almost always at your store! I am so happy that your store exists. Kind regards,Michelle 26.11.07

Dear Bronwyn Thanks ever so much for the wonderful book! Arrived extremely well packaged in excellent condition. My 10 year old daughter Allyson with be thrilled to get it at Christmas. Thanks again Di 9.11.07

Dear Bronwyn, The book duly arrived on Friday July 13 for which many thanks. I appreciate the fact that you only charge the actual rate of postage incurred, in this case because of the size of the book considerably less than had been stated. Many thanks Bob 14.7.07

Hi, just wanted to let you know that I have received the book (order number 12585)I ordered. Thankyou for the very prompt service, I will buy with confidence in the future. It is good to know that there are reliable, honest services available on the net.Thankyou, Barbara 3.4.07

I just wanted to write and thank you so much for the book. I couldn't believe how quickly it arrived and the condition of the book is fabulous. I wont hesitate to come straight to Dromana books in the future nor tell my friends about the service I received. Once again thanks a lot. Gail NZ 22.11.06

Bronwyn, The English Regalia was in this morning's mail - which surprised a few Beefeaters no end! The book was beautifully packed - and better packed than when the Royal Collection sends books to me from UK!! The condition of the book and jacket is excellent too. Also, I am very happy with the coverage of the book and the photos. Well done all round and thank you. Kind regards, Netta 11.10.06

Bronwyn, That is so sweet. I didn't even realise I was a repeat customer. I am so thankful to have found that Australian collectibles website - it comes up trumps for me every time. You must have books that interest me greatly then - in which case, I'm sure I'll you'll 'see' me again!Thank you so much, Michelle 19.9.06

Hello Bronwyn, Received the book in good order and I am pleased with it. Thank you. Loved the purple tissue!Cheers,Ron .. 11.08.06

Hi, Just letting you know I received the book today.The book was in an excellent condition for a second hand book as highlighted on your website.Many thanks on your prompt delivery and service. Academy award winning performance.Kind Regards Ross 24.5.06

I received my favourite childhood book 'Merry Mister Meddle' in excellent condition this morning. My children were huddled around me as I opened the parcel, that's when my tears began to flow. The children were happy to see what I had been waiting for and they wanted me to start reading it straight away. Thank you for your friendly service and of course my favourite book. Many blessings, Sharon, QLD, 17.04.2006


Dear Bronwyn, I just wanted to say a BIG THANKYOU for sending out a copy of: Title: A Knockabout Priest, the story of Father John Brosnan. Author: Prior, Tom. I ordered it on Thursday 9th February 2006, and today, (15/02/2006), I received it in the post! Thankyou very much for your efficiency, and your staff's helpful assistance. I have been trying to track it down for two weeks, and I have been given a merry runaround to look for it! I have sent so many e-mails and made many phone calls trying to track down a copy, and I just kept hitting brick wall after brick wall, and I was just about ready to pull my hair out! In the end I stumbled across the Dromanabooks website. Oh, thankyou for making a complicated task SO MUCH easier! You will make my Mum a very happy lady, as she once met Father John Brosnan, and has been looking for this book. She doesn't know I've purchased it (as I wanted to surprise her), and I look forward to seeing her face tonight! I have searched here in Australia and overseas on the internet, and Dromanabooks was it! Not only was I not going to pay a fortune (in converting Australian Dollars (AUD) to American Dollars (USD)), I realized from reading the satisfaction e-mails from your customers, I knew I would receive it promptly! Thankyou also for the e-mail letting me know you had posted it, it made it so much easier having an approximate arrival date. If I require another book, I will go straight to immediately!So, many thanks,Tiffany.15.2.2006

Thanks so much. What a great system! I can sit at my desk in Canada, find a book in Australia,, have it shipped to my girlfriend in New Zealand, and pay less than if I went round Vancouver looking for it new! All in 5 minutes. Wow! Liz 22.1.06


Hi Bronwyn, Thanks for letting me know. As you may have surmised, I'm the author, but I only ever got copies of the first edition -- I never got copies of the numerous further editions of this book that appeared over the years, though i sometimes saw new ones in bookshops and bought a copy. (Too bad I got an upfront payment instead of royalties!) Just recently I thought it would be interesting to have one copy of each edition at least, so I looked up the different ISBNs available on Abebooks. To my surprise there seem to be at least four editions that I never even saw.I look forward to seeing the one you're sending. Thanks for helping me complete the collection.All the best Janet (UK)22.5.05

Hi Bronwyn. Many thanks for sending the book so quickly.I was impressed with the watertight packing that you did which meant that the book came absolutely safe and sound in the mail :)What a great little book it is to. Best wishes to everyone there and keep up the great work. Paul 17th April 05


Dear Bronwyn, Wow! That was quick. The book was in the letterbox when I arrived home from work tonight. The address on the wrapper was in the most beautiful handwriting I've seen in goodness knows how long. Many thanks for the prompt service and before that for your speedy response to queries I had before placing the order. Best wishes,Margaret 9.09.04